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Size Sets

I am now gearing up for production. Until now, I have been working on one prototype at a time, tweaking fit and style. Now seeing the multiples of the same garment, all in a row, really gives it the feel of going into production! After working on developing the line (for months!), the task now is creating the same garment in multiple sizes. The EcoPetites line will be available in sizes ranging from XXS Petite to XL Petite, to cover the small-statured woman who is tiny, to curvy, to zaftig and to glorious. Stay tuned!

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Why petites?

I found a great blog post today from The Petite Shop on what is petite and who is petite. This is part of why I started EcoPetites: many petite women, like myself, have been frustrated with the lack of options, or struggle to make due with ill-fitting regular clothing sizes. Read on, friends!

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Introducing EcoPetites

Hello everyone! EcoPetites, a new brand of eco-friendly clothing for petite women, is launching. You will find new information and keep up to date with what my business is doing here. You will also find out about the fabrics and what is behind my passion. Stay in touch! List one topic you would like to read about by clicking on "comments" above. I can't wait to hear from you!

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