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What exactly does petite mean?

Petite clothing is designed for shorter women. It is about height and proportion. Women who are 5’4” and under can wear petites.

I am taller than 5’4″. Will any of the EcoPetites styles work for me?


If you are short-waisted, you might do well with petite tops, especially if you have narrow shoulders. Likewise, someone with a long torso may fit well into petite bottoms.

Some styles can work and will just fit differently. Particularly, tops with raglan sleeves (where the sleeve seam goes from the armpit to the neck) can work. Skirts can be worn short, and a dress can be worn as a tunic with pants. However, in my experience, the EcoPetites tanks don’t work on women over 5’5” at the most.

What is eco-fashion?

Eco-fashion, or sustainable fashion, is clothing and accessories made while taking into account the impact on the environment. This can be achieved through carefully chosen raw materials, production methods, and responsible management of waste or transportation of final products.

What is ethical clothing?

Ethical Fashion refers to how the clothing is made, addressing issues that affect people, communities, animal welfare as well as environmental impact.

What makes EcoPetites eco-friendly and ethical?

The fabrics are chosen for their sustainability, and include organic cotton, hemp, soy and recycled polyester. My top criteria for fabric are that all the cotton must be organic, and polyester must be recycled. The dyes are all low impact, fiber reactive dyes. Currently, most of the fabrics come from an importer who specializes in sustainable fabrics. The fabrics are milled in China and India. I would like to include more USA-made, organic fabrics. However, the mills in the US still import most of their organic cotton and sustainable fibers.

Where is the clothing sewn?


The clothing is manufactured in Minnesota, where I live. The waste fabric is donated or sent to be recycled. I sometimes incorporate the production leftovers and waste into new items. By keeping production local, I can personally visit the manufacturer. USA made also means that they have to adhere to local labor laws, which are more stringent and better enforced than that of many of the other countries where most clothing is made.

We are continuously looking for ways to improve.

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