Challenge: Find 3 replacements for single-use plastics this week

World Environment Day Inspired Challenge
Join me to increase plastic free products in your home

Let's have this day (June 5, 2023) be a springboard to inspire change in our own homes. My challenge to you is to make 3 swaps this week for household items that are plastic-free. Read the latest blog post to see what were my most recent changes.

To be fair, I didn't make these changes in only one week. So, I'm doing it, too. I will change 3 items over to plastic free over the course of the next week, too! Follow along here and on Instagram. 

Get started by reading today's blog post--->

Ok, next step. Identify one item to replace. Post your idea as a comment to one of my posts on Instagram or Facebook. Use this as a template:

I'm in! My new plastic-free swap is....

Here are some ideas, from beginner swappers to habitual plastic avoiders.

Beginning? Start by saying "no" to plastic bags when shopping. Bring your own bags or even re-use the plastic ones already in your house. Keep a bag in your car, one in your bag and one at the office.

Advanced beginner: Stop using plastic produce bags. Save your bread bags for this if you still like plastic. Buy a few reuse-able non-plastic bags. Practice making this a habit.

Intermediate: Find a co-op in your area and join. You will learn a lot! Remember that the financial model of a co-op is that you are part owner, in contrast to making a profit for some other business. I have compared co-op prices to other stores prices-- and it is usually cheaper. As long as you are comparing apples to apples, so to speak. Especially bulk: I discovered that the bulk prices were usually about $1 less per pound than the big stores that are copying this co-op practice. Also, some of these for-profit stores can be quite misleading about what is organic. For example, a big sign "organic" over the produce section might make you think all the produce is organic, but it is usually only referring to the items directly under the sign. Look for the number 9 at the beginning of the little sticker. For example, 4062 is for cucumbers. 94062 is organic cucumbers.

Advanced: Preferentially buy products that come in glass, metal or cardboard. Try new things you're not used to for substituting plastic wrap, zipper bags and toiletries in plastics.

Super-reducer: You've already made a number of swaps. You shop with your own bags and containers. You prefer plastic-free brands. But plastic is so pervasive, that you probably still have items you buy in plastic, but you may have to go out of your way to find them. Keep your eyes open for ideas, do online searches, and follow brands that avoid plastic packaging in social media.