Hand-dyed Fabric, gone full circle

The MN Textile Center has been a wonderful find for me. And this is the story of fabric I dyed that has now gone full circle! I first learned how to dye fabric by taking classes there: Color Wheel in Cotton, Mastering MX Dyes and Bengala Dying. The instructors are so helpful and knowledgeable, and I had lots of fun meeting the other students as well. Then it came time to dye fabric on my own, and I rented the dye lab there to experiment first, and then dye a whopping 10 yard piece of hemp/organic cotton fabric! These photos show me in the dye lab (on a cold winter's day), the experimenting and then the 10 yard piece all done. MNTextileCenter1MNTextileCenter4 MNTextileCenter2MNTextileCenter3MNTextileCenter5 The final piece then went into production in South St. Paul at the production facility that sews the EcoPetites line, Clothier Design Source. It was sewn into skirts! And now, they are back at the MN Textile Center, ready to go home with some petite women. If that’s you, send me a note and a photo of yourself! PencilSkirtRasberryFrontLR