What magazines do you like?

I’ve been on a magazine kick lately. It’s great light reading before bed; a welcome break after getting about half-way into a rather heavy novel (Cedar House Rules by John Irving, for you curious folks) and a source of inspiration for different parts of my life; cooking, gardening, health, sustainability, entertainment and business. Here are some I’ve been checking out. OrganicLife, Naturally, Minnesota MonthlyRodale’s Organic Life. I did not even realize when I picked this one up that it was their first issue! I’m really liking this one. I keep coming back to this one for the recipes, the photography is gorgeous and I love the overall commitment to the sustainability theme. Naturally, Danny Seo. I like this one for its substantial reading content, with a great table of contents that starts on the FIRST PAGE! It is also very clear and in order, (not split into feature articles and then everything else). I know that might seem minor, but I love that! I also like the mixture of interesting articles. There is also a guilt-free attitude towards sustainability and making a difference, when and where you are able. Minnesota Monthly. This is a fun one. Not only is it local, but they are always featuring Minnesota businesses in a variety of ways. There are lots of “best of” themes and frequent articles about local businesses which I find very inspiring, as a business owner, and also a great resource. I look at ads in this one the most because it gives me ideas on things to do and new (to me) businesses to shop for goods and services, many of which are locally owned. It just feels so relevant. Bella Grace. This one was a real splurge at $20 for a single issue. However, it caught my eye and I kept walking away and coming back to pick it up again. So I just couldn’t quite leave the bookstore without it. Once home, I was surprise to find that there are NO ads in this one (hence the hefty price). It is cover to cover jammed packed with stunning photography, stories and poems. And this one is THICK, I tell ya. In short, it is all artistic inspiration, with an uplifting lighthearted theme. What magazines have you been reading lately?