Thought you couldn’t shop at a boutique?

Think again. Before I started this business, I rarely shopped in boutiques. Maybe while on vacation, I might take a peak and look around, at best to get ideas for sewing projects. However, I just assumed that nothing would fit. And on the occasion when I get extra hopeful, the trip to the dressing room often proved me right. And how many times can you be disappointed before you just don’t even look? You with me so far?
Here I am wearing a Salaam top with Laura Hlavac skirt Here I am wearing a Salaam top with a Laura Hlavac skirt
Well, my opinion has changed. First of all, the whole reason to shop in a boutique is to find unique offerings. It should really then be no surprise that boutiques themselves are all different from each other, each with it’s own style, preferences, values and it’s own community of customers! This obvious concept alluded me, so I am passing this on to you. What I never really realized is that if I go to a boutique that caters to customers like me, I can actually find clothing I like AND that fits. As a five-foot-tall curvy woman, that is just not going to be every boutique. So what I have been surprised to find is that I can actually find petite friendly clothing in a boutique, that is stylish and flattering. Now, I have been different sizes girth-wise in my life, and I have found that it is much harder to find clothes that fits when I am not fitting into smalls. The typical petite fitting issues are more exaggerated. The salespeople typically know what will work, and can pull out the ones that are likely to fit. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that there are options, and not just the dowdy ones. So keep looking for the petite-friendly boutique near you or online (if you like to shop in your jammies like me)! Of course, the ideal is to go to a boutique that brands that are specifically designed for petites. That is my job: to be that brand. Poppy Togs and Clogs has listened to that need, and is carrying EcoPetite clothing. And also keep your mind open to the brands that may be petite-friendly. While at Poppy Togs and Clogs in Linden Hills the other day, I asked the salesperson, Andrea, who is also a five-footer, to pick out what she thinks would fit me.
Beautiful Salaam skirt pairs well with this Laura Hlavac top, with ruffles or without. Beautiful Salaam skirt pairs well with this Laura Hlavac top, with ruffles or without.
What we came up with is a curated selection of petite-friendly clothing. If you live in the area (Minneapolis/St Paul), are short, and like stylish clothes, go there with this list and try it out! What makes it petite friendly: I am not expecting perfection, but I want a styles that mostly fit, leaving only minor tailoring issues, like shortening sleeves or hems. Otherwise, I was looking for a good fit in the shoulder area, a waist that corresponds to my waist, small to medium scale prints, and styles that overall flatter. Here are our faves: Shameless pitch: OK you have to try on the EcoPetites dresses that are their right now. And go this weekend (August 13-16) to pre-order the fall EcoPetites styles to assure you will get the size and style YOU want. Laura Hlavac: she is a local designer, also a petite herself. Many of her styles work because the tops curve into the body at the right place, and look flattering. Her skirts are a great length without tailoring. Runs small. And this week her new fall line is being featured at both locations, starting Thursday, August 13th.
LH Top White Laura Hlavoc top
A great dress, by Laura Hlavac
Salaam: This brand had a number of great styles that fit. On their website they claim that their clothes fits every body. (FYI-Runs a little large.) For short and curvy, I’m sold. And it is flattering, colorful and made in the USA. Awesome.
A fun pair of pants. A fun pair of pants.
Here are a couple of other brands' individual pieces that I found were petite-friendly. These pants are super cute and fun, and worked on me while wearing my 5-inch heals. So this is recommended, if you like heels, maybe your not quite as short as me, and you wear size 12 or smaller. This runs very small: I am normally a medium and I fit an XL in this one. It works because it is short in the rise, and the tiers land in the right places.
Lovely hooded sweatshirt with swingy Laura Hlavac skirt.
I love this sweatshirt. The fit is long on the body, but curves in the right places, and the ruching is so very flattering! Sleeves only a tad long, easily folded back or tailored. All else was just right. Happy shopping! Keep in touch. -Daphne