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So how do we pull off wearing a wide belt?

Can us shorty's wear a big bold belt? Heck yeah! You may have heard that petites should not wear a wide belt, as it supposedly cuts our figure in half and shortens us. Oh pshaw! Nonsense. You just need to know how to pull it off. Here are tips and tricks: Wear a belt with shape. Curves, asymmetry and hanging ties all keep the eye moving, so as to not slice you visually. The Demetria Belt is sickle shaped and creates a nice curve on your waist. 2/5 to 3/5 balance OK, so don't literally cut yourself in half. At any height, that just isn't pleasingly balanced. Wear the belt over a dress or blouse in which the amount of...

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Wrap-up of Event at Chowgirls Lounge during Art-A-Whirl®

It was a fun and lively event! I had a great time, and so glad to get to meet some new folks out there. The space was packed for the whole time, despite the heavy, unrelenting rain. When you put together music, food, drinks, art and open studios along with makers of wearables and use-ables, well, I guess you can draw a happy crowd. I had fun talking to many people. One of the fantastic things about getting to do events is all the connecting with other vendors and learning about what they have to offer. There are some pretty darn cool businesses and artists around here. It was so busy that I did not have a lot of opportunity...

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My journey on a closet update: Part 1

I’ve decided that my personal style needs something. An update, an overhaul, an addition of spice, an infusion: I’m not sure. What precipitated this, of all things, is that I decided to stop dying my hair, and see what it looks like with grey. I don’t even quite know how much I have. Admittedly, I am worried about looking older. On the other hand, I was inspired to do so when someone at my kids’ school grew out her grey, and she looks great. I know I can always go back. Hair grows. However, I think I’m ready. But to pull it off how I want to, I need to up the ante in terms of style. Which might at...

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Leg-wear when you don’t want to go bare

As I mentioned in a previous post, I thought leg-wear would be a good topic for a post. The bare-leg trend continues, but is not always practical or desired. Nothing on the legs can be chilly. It is amazing what a little light layer can do for warmth! Leg-wear can also tone the legs and cover what you might be sensitive about showing, whatever the reason. And lastly, leg-wear can just be plain ole’ fun! So here are some tips. Before I get into talking about tights, I do want to first point out that skin-toned hosiery is making a come-back. The best bet if you are going to go with this option is to go with the highest quality...

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Round Up from NY Fashion week

Interested in a summary of NY fashion week? After fashion week wraps up, I enjoy spending a day of research, watching videos, following favorite designers and reading blogs and articles, which I did on Friday. Here were my impressions. Ethereal floral embroidery. This theme was just so darn pretty: bright, colorful bold floral embroidery on sheer or barely-there fabrics, layered on creamy light and hazelnut neutrals. Love this look. Fringe. We are still seeing lots of fringe swinging at the bottom edges of jackets and tops, or layered in and angled. Jewel tones and rich texture. Lots of deep colors with rich tapestries of texture. Many of these looked more earth-toned and richly dark this season, and includes lots of...

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