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Reducing Microplastics from our Clothing

We are in the midst of July, which is a month to think about our plastic consumption, due to the efforts of the Plastic Free Foundation and their initiative, Plastic Free July ®. It may sound intimidating to shoot for going plastic-free, but the goal is to make improvements. So in this blog post I am writing about some insights that might help and guide you to improve your own impact from clothing. Impact and how to choose It has recently come to light that washing synthetic clothing is a significant source of microplastic pollution in the oceans. What is the problem with that? Here is one quote from a National Geographic Magazine article to give you an idea: “Experiments...

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A study in Navy, Taupe and Raspberry: Spring 2017

As the new year has begun, I am thinking about how the 2017 fashion color trends apply to actual outfits. I love working with color, so this is a very fun task for me! One of this season's trends caught my eye: the inclusion of the shades of pinks that really appeal to me. I am not much of a fan of the typical color pink you might dress a baby girl in. You won't find that in my closet. But this year, the pinks have an appeal for me. Pale Dogwood Pink Yarrow The paler pink of the season, affectionately named Pale Dogwood by Pantone, is more neutral, leaning toward beige, and easy to mix and match with other...

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