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Tips for a Sustainable and Ethical Valentine's Day

So, you care deeply about how your purchases affect people, society and the environment. You are health conscious and try to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you want to show your love, friendship or appreciation while still sticking to your values. So let’s dive in. The Classics: Flowers and Chocolates  The problem with flowers is not only the classic agricultural issues of how it is grown and fair labor practices, there is also the issue that cut flowers have a short life, which affects transportation. Flowers are flown all over the world, often making multiple transcontinental trips, before they even reach your doorstep, and often need a heavy dose of chemicals to survive the...

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Made in USA apparel

There has been a growing interest in clothing that is made in the USA, and for good reason. Many smaller businesses and independent designers are opting to manufacture domestically, creating more jobs here at home. Manufacturing is the 4th largest employer in the U.S. The standards for wages and working conditions are relatively high compared to the standards in other countries offering cheaper alternatives. By choosing to keep production close to home, I can personally visit and attest to the conditions. In addition to the labor issues, there is also the sustainability to consider. Sustainable in multiple ways. If the winds of worldwide politics change, manufacturing domestically is still an option. In terms of protecting the environment, it reduces the...

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