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Waste and Packaging

In my own home, we recycle and are lucky enough to have curbside compost pick-up. Once our city started the organics collection, it became obvious that our garbage consisted mostly of packaging. While food packaging the primary area to focus on in terms of waste from our household, I personally have a broader impact on packaging waste due to my business. So here I will share with you my decisions and dilemmas regarding eco-friendly packaging as we are in the midst of Plastic Free July®, the initiative of the Plastic Free Foundations. Learn more here: When I send you your clothing order, the items need to be kept clean and dry during transit. Though the postal service does their...

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Reducing Microplastics from our Clothing

We are in the midst of July, which is a month to think about our plastic consumption, due to the efforts of the Plastic Free Foundation and their initiative, Plastic Free July ®. It may sound intimidating to shoot for going plastic-free, but the goal is to make improvements. So in this blog post I am writing about some insights that might help and guide you to improve your own impact from clothing. Impact and how to choose It has recently come to light that washing synthetic clothing is a significant source of microplastic pollution in the oceans. What is the problem with that? Here is one quote from a National Geographic Magazine article to give you an idea: “Experiments...

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Take-aways from Plastic Free July®

What have you learned or what habits have you changed in July with regards to plastic usage? If you have been following me on social media, or others who post on sustainability topics, you will have known about this month-long initiative started by the Plastic Free Foundation. If not, if this is the first time you’ve heard of it, that’s OK, too! The purpose of this is to get people thinking about all the overabundance of plastics and work towards reducing our own participation in that. A month of awareness gives us a time to share ideas, bring the topic to the forefront and encourage us to make changes towards being plastic-free. Now, don’t be scared off by the idea...

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