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Part 1 Jewelry Tips: How to shop rings

Rings can create so much style. That is how my obsession started. I was not wearing any rings for years, and then about a year ago I started noticing rings on other people, especially artsy women. My mother always taught us that you can dress up or dress down the same outfit by simply changing up your accessories and make-up. Additionally, now I’ve observed how much personal style jewelry can give you. Tips on how to get started...

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A study in Navy, Taupe and Raspberry: Spring 2017

As the new year has begun, I am thinking about how the 2017 fashion color trends apply to actual outfits. I love working with color, so this is a very fun task for me! One of this season's trends caught my eye: the inclusion of the shades of pinks that really appeal to me. I am not much of a fan of the typical color pink you might dress a baby girl in. You won't find that in my closet. But this year, the pinks have an appeal for me. Pale Dogwood Pink Yarrow The paler pink of the season, affectionately named Pale Dogwood by Pantone, is more neutral, leaning toward beige, and easy to mix and match with other...

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New Items Added to Shop! And yes, pants!

A few new items have been added to the shop, and I am so excited to tell you about them! Wide Leg Pants shown with Artemis Tank and Pheobe Cardigan Wide Leg Pants First of all, upon popular request, I have added pants to the line. These wide leg pants are so very comfortable, and at the same time stylish and easy to dress up or down. Not only are these in petites sizes XXSP to XLP, but the design, as always, is intended to flatter the shorter woman. The long front pleat is placed in a flattering position and helps to create that vertical line. The angled pockets and yoke add interest. And the pleats at the hem control...

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Made in USA apparel

There has been a growing interest in clothing that is made in the USA, and for good reason. Many smaller businesses and independent designers are opting to manufacture domestically, creating more jobs here at home. Manufacturing is the 4th largest employer in the U.S. The standards for wages and working conditions are relatively high compared to the standards in other countries offering cheaper alternatives. By choosing to keep production close to home, I can personally visit and attest to the conditions. In addition to the labor issues, there is also the sustainability to consider. Sustainable in multiple ways. If the winds of worldwide politics change, manufacturing domestically is still an option. In terms of protecting the environment, it reduces the...

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