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Hemp, a sustainable fiber

What makes hemp sustainable? Hemp doesn’t need pesticides and herbicides to grow. Replenishes the soil and grows rapidly, making it possible to harvest multiple crops of hemp on the same land in one year. Compared to cotton, hemp uses less water than cotton and less land for more fiber. Hemp is a versatile crop that can be grown for food and textile uses. Hemp clothing also has benefits to you. It can be made into different types of fabrics such as linen, canvas and jersey knit. It is durable, porous and breathable. The fibers take to dyes well, so they retain color longer than other fibers. These fabrics feature resistance to mold, mildew and UV rays. Your hemp clothing will...

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Stay at Home Comfy Style

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who connected with me during Art-a-Whirl® this year. I admit that I was a little sad about not seeing you in person. But a funny thing happened. I did a test run of my Facebook live post by doing a silly version on my personal page, thinking no one would watch an unadvertised silly thing like that. But as soon as it started, friends were watching! And it prompted two sets of friends, from different parts of my life, to reach out to me to catch up. Sometimes I’m not a fan of social media, but that was a reminder of how it does help us stay connected. As...

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Spring green tanks, back in stock

A popular color tank is now back in stock in all sizes: XXSP to XLP. This color sold well last spring, and the middle sizes sold out! Now this year, greens are on trend. This shade of green is lovely. It is soft, muted and natural, making it easy to match other colors. If you like wearing green, you will love this shade! Shop here.

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Tank Dress: just added!

I just added this tank dress to the EcoPetites collection. Shop here for more details. This is a loose fitting easy and very comfortable dress, almost trapeze shaped, but with some gentle shaping. The armholes are high and well-portioned for petites to prevent gaping and to cover your unders. High-low hem shows off some leg in the front. Wear loose or belted in warm weather. Layer with the Phoebe Cardigan for a little warmth and shape. Perfect to kick off spring: wear now with a low V-neck top, a denim jacket or blazer or a long sweater. Later, shed the layers and show you some bare shoulders. There are only a few of these, and they are priced to sell...

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A study in Navy, Taupe and Raspberry: Spring 2017

As the new year has begun, I am thinking about how the 2017 fashion color trends apply to actual outfits. I love working with color, so this is a very fun task for me! One of this season's trends caught my eye: the inclusion of the shades of pinks that really appeal to me. I am not much of a fan of the typical color pink you might dress a baby girl in. You won't find that in my closet. But this year, the pinks have an appeal for me. Pale Dogwood Pink Yarrow The paler pink of the season, affectionately named Pale Dogwood by Pantone, is more neutral, leaning toward beige, and easy to mix and match with other...

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