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Goals: setting and celebrating

You know those aphorisms we hear throughout our careers which eventually seem so cliché that we ignore them? I’m unignoring this one: Celebrate the small things. I've leaned that I need to tier my goals, allow time and space to celebrate the wins and practice expecting that pushing myself involves failure. This is about grit.

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Book Review: When Stars Are Scattered

I have not done a book review in a while! It is time… This book is a children’s graphic novel. But stick with me. This one is worth reading as an adult even if you don’t have any kids at home and who are the right age. I am familiar with one of the authors, Jamieson, who has written some of my sons’ favorites: All’s Faire in Middle School and Roller Girl, both of which I have read so many times I can recite lines. My son requested this book months ago from the library, when he heard she had a new book coming out. The request list for this one is quite long. Due dates for books have been postponed in our county...

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What's happening in the new year

Here is what is to come in 2021. This year I’ll be participating in offering January sales: something I don’t ordinarily do. But I'm taking my own spin on it, as I’m not into fast fashion. The constant push for new is what creates the need for inventory purges a couple of times a year in order to overhaul with new styles that don’t at all coordinate with what you may have purchased last year—or last week. Here’s what I’m doing instead: throughout January, I’ll be featuring one outfit at a time and will offer a deep discount on the highlighted set. This will also make selecting and purchasing a coordinating outfit really easy: something that people often ask for...

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Christmas in place

I’m sure the holidays are strangely different for you, too this year. As we shelter in place and alter our plans, many of our traditions are temporarily on hold. My family ordinarily travels to Long Island, NY where I grew up and my parents still live. We are not going this year, needless to say, due to the pandemic. This is a big deal for us as Christmas is not just a one-day thing for us. Our traditions span the entire week as my sisters and their families all come to Long Island, too. I have to be creative. It is all on me to make it special for my kids, a challenge under the circumstances. Being that we are...

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Post election

First of all, I want to take a moment to celebrate. Our democracy is still working, and this era of unbridled hate mongering from the White house will soon come to an end. Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! What a wave of emotion when the election was finally called in Biden’s favor. Perhaps you felt it too. There was that moment when we all weren’t really sure if the president would actually cause the vote counting to stop—a signal of the end of democracy. That moment didn’t last, but we’ve spent the last four years thinking he could not possibly get away with a thing, and then incredulously watching it happen. And so, joy is tempered with caution...

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