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Live Online Q&A Shopping Events

Saturday Oct 31 and Sunday Nov 12 pm to 2:30 pm CDT (I’m in MN) Via Zoom. Message me, email me or text for link. This is a place where you can ask me questions about the line, fabrics or what goes best with something in your wardrobe. Ask how something was made, what makes it ethical or sustainable, etc. Think of me as your personal shopper ready to assist you. See you there.

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ReLaunch! Now through Nov 1st, 2020

My ReLaunch! is underway, and it is fun. This is a recommitment for me to this business. In celebration I am making extra effort to connect with you. Here is what’s going on. Live Online Q&A Shopping Events See post about upcoming live online shopping events here. To view the past shopping events hosted on Facebook, click here or here. The next ones will be on Zoom for those who want more privacy. Promotions Anya25 will get you 25% off the Anya tops, which come in 3 colors. 30off100 is the next tier. Use when your cart total reaches $100 and receive $30 off. One per customer. Setof5 for the best discount. When your cart reaches $400, use this coupon...

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ReLaunch! Starts Friday, Oct 23

Counting down the days to the ReLaunch! 2020 Come celebrate by joining my newly created facebook group, Friends of Ethical Fashion. Just click the link to join. The ReLaunch celebrations will take place from October 23rd to November 1st. I’ll be going live every day within that group. There will be challenges, Q&As, sustainable lifestyle tips, short informal interviews and more! Can’t wait to interact with you.

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Nearly there: the Relaunch!

Announcing the EcoPetites Relaunch! 2020. Back in August I first mentioned that I am planning to this relaunch for October, which is now upon us! First, I’ll start with the why: For the last couple of years, I put EcoPetites on the back burner. Sure, I kept it going, but it was not my front and center, and consequently, I didn’t post much. And business just limped along. Life brought other events and frankly, I was discouraged. But this summer, in the midst of this pandemic, I stopped and questioned myself. I gave myself permission to really lean in and follow this passion. I took a hard look at why business didn’t take off, look at my fears of both...

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The Vegan-ish journey behind EcoPetites

When we tell a story, we have to leave things out. That which didn’t make the cut can become it’s own story and that’s what I’ve got here. I’ve been posting recently about the “why” and “how” of EcoPetites and this is part of that theme. I’ve been telling the part of my journey to form EcoPetites in which a lecture by Rigoberta Menchú Tum led to (with lots of steps and decisions along the way) starting EcoPetites. You can refer to that blog post here. But the truth is more complex. I was primed for that moment with another catalyst. That story started one night when I was babysitting a dear friend’s son. Her little boy was asleep, house...

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