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Three top styling tips for petites: look smart and chic

Now that you know the importance of proper fit when dressing for short stature (see that article here), it's time to explore some specific styling tips that work well for shorter women. From prints to proportions, these tips will help you create a flattering and stylish look that boosts your confidence. Here are some key ideas to keep in mind. Tip 1: Small Prints and Narrow Stripes Look for prints that are smaller in scale, as they will not overwhelm you. Large prints can make you appear smaller than you are, while smaller prints help to create a more unified look.  Bend that rule a bit on a statement piece, especially if the garment has a lot of real estate,...

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Part 3 Jewelry Tips: Earrings

I’ve been paying attention to styling earrings because I’ve noticed how stylish looking people look so coordinated. Because you see the earrings and necklace in a single glance, the neck-wear, head-wear and ear -wear encompasses one look. It is the attention to detail that makes it work.  Continue reading for tips on the latest trends, how to coordinate your necklace with your earrings and when to forgo a necklace alltogether. 

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How can I look stylish in simple clothing? 5 Tips

Before jumping into the answer, let me begin with the benefit of having simple clothing in the first place. Perhaps you are reading this because you value ethical and sustainable practices and are purchasing your clothes mindfully. There is an ethos for simplicity in eco-friendly brands, for several reasons. While that is not the topic of this post, let’s nod to that reality before moving on. Let’s just bear in mind that slow fashion means emphasizing classic styles that will not be yesterday’s trend destined for the landfill tomorrow.   So, let’s talk about rocking it! The point of view is for you, the short woman who is an ethical fashion shopper. Tip #1: Make sure it fits! This is...

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