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Part 2 Jewelry Tips: Best Rings for Petites

Chances are if you are reading this, you are also short. I’ll focus on tips that are especially relevant to you. You likely have small hands. Maybe you have thicker short fingers, maybe you have dainty slender digits. Either way, the focus is for petites. Keep in mind that these are guidelines. Go ahead and break the rules when you want to. However, knowing what is safe is a good place to start. Secondly, knowing that you are veering off from ideal helps you know that you may need to balance that somehow to pull it off. But lastly, don’t be afraid of supposedly getting it wrong—please yourself first and foremost. Ultimately, what you wear with confidence will look the...

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Part 1 Jewelry Tips: How to shop rings

Rings can create so much style. That is how my obsession started. I was not wearing any rings for years, and then about a year ago I started noticing rings on other people, especially artsy women. My mother always taught us that you can dress up or dress down the same outfit by simply changing up your accessories and make-up. Additionally, now I’ve observed how much personal style jewelry can give you. Tips on how to get started...

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Artisan Highlight: TFKIA Creative Studio owner, Shanaya Dungey

The act of creating can be an exploration of identity, expression, and the desire to make an aspect of the present moment last into the future. Wearing these creations is also part of that experience. In this article I am presenting to you the wearable art of Shanaya Dungey, owner and founder of TFKIA Art Studio. She makes jewelry, which is the focus here, but Shanaya is a multifaceted creative who also writes and organizes community projects among other passions.

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Packing for a Trip? Here are Some Packing Essentials

March is the time of spring break travels. Or maybe you are planning your summer trip. I’ve got some tips for you. My favorite travel essential is packing cubes. Finding these, years ago, has been a game changer for me. Eagle Creek makes theirs using recycled materials. I found mine at REI. The garment folder style is fantastic. It has a template for folding your garments, which then packs into the cube for sturdiness. This is great for keeping your clothing neatly folded, reduces wrinkles and compacts it down, too. I also use a few that are simply zippered pouches of various sizes. With these pouches you can not only easily find your own things, but helps to have pouches for...

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