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Halloween, Sustainable and Fair

The sad cocoa situation The unfortunate reality of chocolate is that there is still child labor and slavery involved in cocoa production, and the attempts at improvement have been insufficient (for more information, look up “child Labor in cocoa production”). Halloween is a huge driver, as a mind-blowing amount of chocolate is purchased from these larger corporations.  It is one of those areas people don’t want to look at because they don’t want to be “that house.” Do we have to cave to that negative peer pressure?. There are so many alternatives out there. Just think about what is at stake here.  You could avoid buying chocolate altogether. One of my kids’ fondest memories is of a neighbor who dressed...

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Tips for a Sustainable and Ethical Valentine's Day

So, you care deeply about how your purchases affect people, society and the environment. You are health conscious and try to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you want to show your love, friendship or appreciation while still sticking to your values. So let’s dive in. The Classics: Flowers and Chocolates  The problem with flowers is not only the classic agricultural issues of how it is grown and fair labor practices, there is also the issue that cut flowers have a short life, which affects transportation. Flowers are flown all over the world, often making multiple transcontinental trips, before they even reach your doorstep, and often need a heavy dose of chemicals to survive the...

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