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Part 3 Jewelry Tips: Earrings

I’ve been paying attention to styling earrings because I’ve noticed how stylish looking people look so coordinated. Because you see the earrings and necklace in a single glance, the neck-wear, head-wear and ear -wear encompasses one look. It is the attention to detail that makes it work.  Continue reading for tips on the latest trends, how to coordinate your necklace with your earrings and when to forgo a necklace alltogether. 

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Five Ways to Wear a Beanie

The beanie hat is such an easy, versatile accessory. Great for keeping the chill off your ears, provide some warmth or just to throw on when you’re having a bad hair day. So how do you wear it? Here are five ways. Go on now and pull out your EcoPetites beanie and follow along. 

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