Five Ways to Wear a Beanie

EcoPetites Beanie in Loganberry

The beanie hat is such an easy, versatile accessory. Great for keeping the chill off your ears, provide some warmth or just to throw on when you’re having a bad hair day. So how do you wear it?

Here are five ways. Go on now and pull out your EcoPetites beanie and follow along. 

Style #1: The slouch

This is the most casual of the five looks. Wear this without folding up the brim. Just place on your head and then tilt back the front so it is about at your hairline. Pull the sides over your ears, and then let the back flop. You can scrunch up the sides by your ears a bit to help shape the beanie into a casual, slouchy silhouette.

What I think is really cute about this style is how it frames your face. Keeping your hairstyle simple works well with this one and allow medium to long hair flow out from under it.

Got bangs? This style is the way to go. Align the front of the beanie with the roots of your bangs. If this tends to slip off the back or down over your bangs, bobby pins can help secure it in place. Best if you are wearing the black beanie.

Style #2: The fisherman

While popular with men, this style can really look cute on anyone. This is worn such that the top of the beanie is fully to your head, and you will need to cuff or roll the bottom up. It should sit at the top of your ears. You can tilt it so that it is also worn at the hairline and tipped back, like the slouch. But this is also worn midway to your eyebrows with little or no tilt to the back.

Since this covers less of your head, it works great with short hairstyles. Your hair will still show on the sides and back, and some hair can protrude in the front, too, if you tilt it back.

This one works well for people with long or rectangular faces, as it shortens and rounds out your head. Having said that, I have a round face and still like it in the tilted back position for the face-framing look with the added benefit of thickness with the rolled cuff, which creates a bit of a brim. I use this look when I am wearing a low bun or ponytail. With a bun, I have it rest on top of the bun in the back.

Style #3: The single cuff

As it sounds, give the beanie one turn up. Experiment with how deep of a fold you like. Place it on your head and wear this one about one to one-and-a-half inches above your eyebrows. This one has less of a tilt than the previous two styles. This is very practical, as you get good head coverage. And the cuff adds a little warmth for the ears.

This one works great for long hair. It also creates a bit of height at the top of your head, so it is good for us shorties. Also flattering for round faces.  For those of you with long hair, try this one with a side braid. I also like this one if I am wearing a high or top bun, as there is room for the bun.

Style #4: The classic

This is an easy-going, practical style, and really easy to do. Basically, just pull it on! No cuff, no tilt. This one goes right to your eyebrows. It will cover your ears, but not your earlobes, since there is no tilt. Scrunch at the sides as needed if it sticks up on the top of your head. High on your head is its own look but works better with thicker or stiffer beanies than the ones I sell.

This is a no-fuss look that is really easy to pull off. Or pull on, rather. Best for oval or longer faces, without bangs which would get smashed. This also works with a low bun, braid or ponytail showing below the brim of the hat.

Style #5: The faux-dora

Gotta end on a sassy style! This one has a side tilt, with a cuff on one side. Put it on first, then cuff. Try tiling the whole thing to the side, to an angle that suits you and play with tilting up on the cuff side vs the non-cuffed side. The front should sit on the mid forehead.

Try this one with a side-braid. No matter the length of your hair, let some show with this style. If you have bangs, sweep them to one side. If middle parts are not for you, this is a fun style for a little asymmetry.

Which style is your favorite?>