Where is the cross-section between Yoga and Sustainable Fashion?

Today (June 21, 2023) is the International Day of Yoga. So I wanted to bring to you a little snippet about the intersection between Yoga and Sustainable Fashion. And who came to mind? Helga Lange of Radiate Activewear. Keep reading to see the connection.

I asked Helga about the origins of her brand of activewear clothing, and here is her response.

Well, I was moving to Minneapolis from Corporate NYC fashion world burnout.
This gave me the opportunity to start a new….I was doing a lot of Yoga. (my boyfriend, now husband was teaching and we where practicing together)
It helped give focus to my days and keep me calm about so much upheaval and changes in my surroundings.
Slowly it got me thinking about how to create a Small Business, using Deadstock fabrics, Small batches of designs.
Transparency, Made Ethically with Sustainable fabrics….I could connect with like minded customers and other small businesses, supporting one another, working together….how exciting.
It was the exact opposite of what I was doing for JONES NEW YORK for 11 years….How refreshing to be productive, creative & responsible to our planet.
I was looking for ways to connect back to my fashion roots on a smaller, ethical scale and while doing hot yoga …Radiate bloomed
The Hot Yoga community of Minneapolis Yoga  that I  was practicing with have supported me for years. When folks see your dream in real time and support it, there is no better place.”

Clothing by Radiate

Which brings me to another question: Helga, tell me a funny story from a recent pop-up event.

Helga: “Funny story from this past weekend’s Pop up at Stone Arch: I was losing my voice for set up on Friday…then for the whole weekend, no voice…I was communicating via a sign board telling customers, I lost my voice and “Welcome” to my booth.. I had other signage in my booth stating  how I make my clothing in small batches using deadstock fabrics. Some folks asked what deadstock fabric is, others said I hope you find your voice soon, some just spoke louder to me….It was a big lesson/meditation on how to better communicate my brand to potential customers ….;) still no voice today, so the lesson continues

I can relate to that! So, in case you are still wondering what deadstock fabric is, I’ll give that a go. When clothing is manufactured, the quantity of fabric purchased is always slightly more than what is estimated. This is to account for flaws in the fabric, stretching and relaxing of fabric, or sections not being long enough at the end. Sometimes other things go wrong in production, or things change- and the result is extra fabric left over after the original product is complete. This surplus is deadstock. By utilizing deadstock, Helga is preventing waste and adding efficiency to the fabric supply chain.

Daphne (me): Tell me about your artwork that is silk screened onto the clothing.

Helga: “I always try to evoke some emotion or connect through images or words that resonate with self discovery. Discovering your personal strength, your inner voice, connection to the world around you.”

I hope this inspires you! 

A big thanks to Helga Lange for letting me interview her!