EcoPetites' 2024 Vision: Why a Brain Dump Led to 'Connections' for Center Stage

Connections 2024

I have a ritual. Each January I kick off the new year with the Annual Brain Dump. It's a time when I pour my heart and soul onto paper, jotting down goals, dreams, and wishes for the year ahead. After this therapeutic process, I look for a unifying theme, one word that encapsulates the essence of my ambitions. This year, that word is "connections."

Expanding and Contracting:

Life has a way of contracting and expanding. In my own life, contraction may happen during times of profound change, whether good, bad or neutral or mixed. It is during those times that I have relied on the people who I am close with and the inner reserves I have already built. These are periods of intense adjustment of some kind, with it’s full range of emotional reactions. The most joyful transitions I remember were adopting each of my two children, and the hardest times were due to losses. One such event was the death of my father which happened early in 2023. Last years' theme for me was "joy" and yet profound grief met me in the beginning of the year. 

Transformation Amidst Challenges:

However, it was a year of transformation. My dad was part of the reason "joy" emerged in the first place: he encouraged me to live a little more, enjoy life more, from his perspective that it all goes too quickly. At the time, my world was overshadowed by health issues that defied diagnosis and treatment. It left me in a state of constant uncertainty, unable to commit to anything. But by anchoring myself to my "why," I began the search for answers and remained steadfast in pursuing solutions.

A Journey Towards Joy:

Over the course of the year, I reclaimed my health, grieved, and confronted past sorrows, all while staying committed to finding joy. The result? By the end of the year I had joined a choir, took drum lessons, and savored every moment. "Joy" became my guiding light, and its pursuit led to profound personal growth. Had my resolution been solely about shedding pounds, it probably would have faded by February.

The Meaning Behind "Connections":

Resolutions and finding my “why”  holds a deep significance for me. This year, "connectedness" emerged across all categories during my yearly Big Brain Dump.

The Brain Dump Process:

What is a brain dump? and how does it work? A brain dump is my way of getting out all my lists, goals, must-do’s, dreams and aspirations. It's a pen-and-paper brainstorming session, free from judgment, practicality, or limitations. My lists cover both personal and professional aspirations. After the initial session, I revisit the lists, highlighting what I aim to tackle in January. Then, I schedule relevant to-do’s or set aside time to go deeper in a goal to dig down to the task level. It is basically how I start off my strategic planning for the year, blending the personal and professional.

Why "Connections"?

But why "connections"? This theme just popped off the pages for me this year. Connections can mean different things: the connection between people, the link between cause and effect; the interconnectedness of our natural world; the connection between our thoughts and actions; and the impact of our decisions on people we’ve never met, who may live on the other side of the world. So, what does that mean for my plans this year? 

For EcoPetites, it's about forging collaborations, sharing knowledge through speaking events, social channels, and interviews. It’s about raising awareness of the impact the fashion industry has and how you can be part of a positive change. I want to connect with you, my community. 

On the personal side, I yearn to travel more, seeking experiences that foster relationships and facilitate meaningful encounters. With friends and family, I aim to deepen existing bonds, form new connections, and specifically, nurture two newfound friendships into deeper, lasting relationships.

Embracing the Theme:

"Connections" didn't just emerge; it shouted its significance. It's my driving force this year. My hope is to connect and engage with you, offering opportunities for growth, expanding your horizons, and unveil our interconnectedness with the world.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's explore the power of connectedness, deepen our circles, and uncover the intricate threads that tie us to the world around us. Together, let’s seek the profound impact we can make when we see and make connections.

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