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EcoPetites' 2024 Vision: Why a Brain Dump Led to 'Connections' for Center Stage

I have a ritual. Each January I kick off the new year with the Annual Brain Dump. It's a time when I pour my heart and soul onto paper, jotting down goals, dreams, and wishes for the year ahead. After this therapeutic process, I look for a unifying theme, one word that encapsulates the essence of my ambitions. This year, that word is "connections." Expanding and Contracting: Life has a way of contracting and expanding. In my own life, contraction may happen during times of profound change, whether good, bad or neutral or mixed. It is during those times that I have relied on the people who I am close with and the inner reserves I have already built. These...

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What happens when we work on a skill?

I just want to point out that I do experience a difference in diving into something I already feel confident in, something I suck at, and the middle ground of curious and have no idea where my aptitude will fall. If you have been following me on social media, you would have seen that I am currently working very hard on my photography skills, which falls into the first category. Writing is in the second and running ads falls in the middle. But it is critically important to me that I engage in all three categories. Digging into something I already have skills in or a good background for is easy, emotionally. But being willing to work on something that...

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