My journey on a closet update: Part 1

I’ve decided that my personal style needs something. An update, an overhaul, an addition of spice, an infusion: I’m not sure. What precipitated this, of all things, is that I decided to stop dying my hair, and see what it looks like with grey. I don’t even quite know how much I have. Admittedly, I am worried about looking older. On the other hand, I was inspired to do so when someone at my kids’ school grew out her grey, and she looks great. I know I can always go back. Hair grows. However, I think I’m ready. But to pull it off how I want to, I need to up the ante in terms of style. Which might at least simply provide more confidence to just do it.

I also thought that many of you might also be in a transition of some sort. Maybe you are completing your education and are entering a profession, calling for a wardrobe update. Maybe you recently became a mom. Perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce due to raising little ones and are ready to jump back in. A career change might mean a change of clothing needs. Maybe you just have the doldrums with your closet, and don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps your body is changing. Maybe your kids are becoming young adults and are launching off on their own. Maybe you also want to let your grey hair grow out! So I thought I would share this with you, and write a series of blog entries about my process.

I don’t know where this will lead me. And trust me, I’m doing this on a limited budget, so the things I am trying are accessible to you, too. I am planning on doing this over the course of the next six months or so, and I will take you on my journey.

Just to let you know where I am starting. This decision also just seemed like good timing and just seems to fit in with the rest of my life. I’ve realized that I just simply have not been taking care of myself in many ways. I take care of everyone else, and I am last on my own list. But really, I think everyone around me will benefit from me taking care of myself first. I started with simple changes: going to bed at the same time each night, take my vitamins (why did I stop?), go for a daily three-mile walk, cut back to one cup of coffee per day and make sure I spend time each day doing something that I just want to do, not need to do. It took me by surprise how much better I feel. It seemed to take a while, but then it hit suddenly. I literally woke up one morning and thought to myself, I feel really good!

With this extra energy and zest, and am ready to take on my goals: business, personal, family and health. This wardrobe fix is just a part of my busy life, and not the only thing I am working on, to be sure! It is the icing, not the cake, but at this point, I am deciding that it might be worth it to spend extra effort on the icing, the part that everyone sees first before they dig in. My plan is to take it slowly, and work on it little by little. More like an evolution than a revolution. I will keep you posted about my journey!