Why I do this


Sometimes people ask me, why did I decide to jump in and start this business? What is my passion and what does it mean to me? I believe in being part of a positive change in how the fashion industry produces clothing, from the fibers to the factory. Mostly, I care about how the industry affects the people in it, wherever they are in the world. I want my children to know that exploitation does not have to be tolerated as status quo and that we don’t have to turn a deaf ear while others suffer, just so we can have something we want but don’t really need. My kids are citizens of the world. One was born in Guatemala, and the other in South Korea, and both joined my family via adoption. We are inherently tied to people across the globe. Adoption has created in me a feeling of obligation to see the world though other’s eyes, and not be myopic about our existence or ignore how our every day small choices can ripple across the globe. Even if the ripples are small, they matter, because each individual matters. Organically grown fibers matter because the practices and lack of chemicals benefit the farmers and the workers handling the fibers and the cloth, as well as their children. Production matters so that the people making the garments are respected and able to live well. Then, there is also the other end of the process: the women who wear the clothes. I am catering to an underserved market: petite women in a wide range of sizes. Petite women have a hard time finding clothes that fit, are fashionable and practical at the same time. They can look good and can make choices that fit their values simultaneously. I want a woman to be able to feel good about how she looks in the present moment as part of feeling good about herself, and believe that she will look her best if her clothing fits, first and foremost. Next, the designs are geared to flatter. Then she can simply get dressed, and put her time, energy, creativity and inner power to that which is most important to her. She can then follow her passion. What is yours?