The New Year's Resolution that Birthed a Business

KnittedSnowflake I have made plenty of resolutions that I didn’t keep, just like everyone else. But one resolution actually stuck, and led to one change after another. It was my 2012 resolution. I resolved to not buy any newly produced conventionally grown cotton. Why I chose that is the topic for another story. I wasn’t perfect in keeping that resolution: I bought my son canvas sneakers and I bought vitamins with cotton balls stuck in the tops. And I wasn’t even sure if the choices it led to were good ones: is silk any better? Polyester? But it sure did make me think about every purchase and led to research on other fibers. Some items were easy. Take kids clothing: lots of options there. I found good places to buy used clothes, sewed some, and bought organic cotton clothing. But buying for myself was hard! It was not easy to find organic cotton clothing for petite women. Mostly, I just avoided cotton. And I sewed. A lot. And that is where my idea grew. Maybe other women struggled with finding eco-friendly clothing? And what is eco-friendly? Now add petite to that and whoa, that is hard to find. And my friends and family noticed what I was sewing, and I got complements. That was what really got me rolling. Once small action, one idea, one book at a time, and I was hooked. I had to try! And so here I am, following the passion that developed and grew from a resolution that I actually almost stuck to for the whole year. Here are some of my favorite discoveries from that year, and why: Moss Envy for organic sheets and bedding (and undies!) Planet Shoes Maggie’s Organics: I love their story, bought socks and shirts Ash & Rose: online eco-boutique Boden USA: petite sizes, great styles and tencel fabrics (a nice eco-friendly alternative to cotton) Rawganique: I love their organic cotton towels. They also sell clothing (haven’t tried it yet!) What was your most memorable resolution?