Short skirts for Fall? Oh yea!

Fall is a great time to wear shorter skirts. The cool weather makes it comfortable to wear them over tights or leggings. You're not showing skin, and you can wear tights/leggings that smooth you from ankle to waist. And what could be more comfortable than a skirt over a pair of leggings? Short skirts work well for us short women. Plain and simple, it is very proportional and in scale with our bodies. So go ahead and show as much leg as possible!
EcoPetites Rouched Skirt EcoPetites Rouched Skirt in Navy, Ruby and Bay Blue
Do you ever almost wear a skirt and then put it back and choose something else? I find that the biggest reason I do that is not having the right tights. The best way to venture into the world of skirts is to make sure you have a good supply of tights or leggings. It is not a big investment and it gets your skirts out of the closet and on your body. So, let’s talk tights. What colors? Stock your closet with these four neutrals, and you will always have something to wear.
  • Black tights/leggings: Matches best with deep, dark or intense colors, such as jewel tones, red or a strong blue. Try to add in something else with black, such as black shoes, a blouse or blazer with black bottoms, a black shirt or even a chunky black necklace. I try to stay away from an all-black look, but at the same time, I also try to avoid having the leggings be the only black in the outfit. You will look more pulled together if you add black details.
  • Brown: Makes for a lovely soft neutral. Matches well with earth tones, like warmer reds, forest greens and soft blues, sky blue, grey blues (can you tell I like to mix blue and brown?), teal or orange. If you are wearing brown shoes, brown tights are a no-brainer. Just try it: you will be surprised at how many colors go well with brown.
  • Grey: This is a great neutral, though hard to find a truly neutral grey. You may find a grey with a greenish hue in certain light, for example. When you find a good grey, get it! It is so easy to match your outfit, and goes well with both light colors and dark colors. I love grey with reds and orange. Silvery grey is a fun variation. Grey will work with either brown shoes or black shoes. Try an all grey look, while keeping it interesting and sophisticated by mixing shades and textures of grey.
  • Navy; A great basic neutral. A nice dark navy pair of tights will go with other navy items, even if it isn’t exactly the same. If your navy skirt or dress is a very dark navy, you can also try black or dark grey tights. I like having the tights or stockings be a darker shade of navy than the skirt. Navy pairs well with tan, red, burgundy and purples.
Now for the shoes. In the switch to fall, time to retire the sandals. (sigh…) Ankle boots with a short skirt is all very proportional for short ladies. Go for it, gals! -Daphne