Round Up from NY Fashion week

Interested in a summary of NY fashion week? After fashion week wraps up, I enjoy spending a day of research, watching videos, following favorite designers and reading blogs and articles, which I did on Friday. Here were my impressions. Ethereal floral embroidery. This theme was just so darn pretty: bright, colorful bold floral embroidery on sheer or barely-there fabrics, layered on creamy light and hazelnut neutrals. Love this look. Fringe. We are still seeing lots of fringe swinging at the bottom edges of jackets and tops, or layered in and angled. Jewel tones and rich texture. Lots of deep colors with rich tapestries of texture. Many of these looked more earth-toned and richly dark this season, and includes lots of greens. Green: Speaking of green, we are talking big-time hit with the greens this year. Kale green is a flavor we are seeing this year with a rich, earthy tone to it. The earthiness of some of the greens we are seeing will make it easy to blend in with your existing wardrobe, and can even be used as a neutral if it is earthy enough. Oversized, top to bottom. Careful with this one. Us shorter gals can get cocooned in this look. For petites, I recommend an oversized turtleneck over a short, narrow skirt, with a long necklace. A necklace with a tassel bottom is a nice touch. Great legwear. For those of us who are not keen on going bare-legged, or at least not all the time, this is great news. If you don tights, go crazy. Bright, textured, fishnet and patterned. This is a great way to add some fun to a simple black dress. Again, petite women, go short on that dress. I think this topic warrants its own post…. Stay tuned! Velvet everything. Go for it. Velvet dresses, tops, skirts and pants. Even shoes! And in deep jewel tones. Break from black on the velvet this year. Oh the shoes! I’m talking crazy. Velvet and suede. Satin. Super-duper embellished. For an eco-friendly version of this, I will keep my eyes peeled for decorative add-ons that can be used on your existing shoes. Let me know if you find anything! To see these looks on the runway, watch a video of Anna Sui's collection on the runway, click here. For more images, check out Instagram, click here. You know what? I think any of these trends can become their own post throughout the year. Sometimes, less is more anyway. I am a fan of taking what you already have and just adding one or two key pieces for an update. So watch for more news on this, and tips on edgy, eco-minded and ethical fashion.