Nearly there: the Relaunch!

Announcing the EcoPetites Relaunch! 2020.

Back in August I first mentioned that I am planning to this relaunch for October, which is now upon us!

First, I’ll start with the why:

For the last couple of years, I put EcoPetites on the back burner. Sure, I kept it going, but it was not my front and center, and consequently, I didn’t post much. And business just limped along. Life brought other events and frankly, I was discouraged. But this summer, in the midst of this pandemic, I stopped and questioned myself. I gave myself permission to really lean in and follow this passion. I took a hard look at why business didn’t take off, look at my fears of both failure and success and decided that I can work on those issues. Entrepreneurial life is a rollercoaster. But I made a decision to rededicate myself, build confidence and educate my gaps of knowledge. Let me tell you– it has been amazing.

Somehow, this was calling to me. My response to this call has led to numerous connections and pieces falling into place, along with a lot of hard work. The other day one son caught a glance of me looking at my computer and groaning, claw-like hands in my hair. He said, “I feel the same way, mom.” And my other son piped in with, “Get back to work, you two.” They are so funny. But it was so true, in such a pure and simple way—acknowledge the frustration of the moment, and then just keep pushing through.

So what does “relaunch” mean to me and how does it benefit you?

For me, this is about re-commitment. It is a time to gather new insights, develop new strategies, reach more and new people, and start developing new garments. And what’s in it for you? It is a time for you to express what you would like to see, experience or be able to buy. It’s a time for human connection—to get to know what is behind the brand and for me to get to know your hopes and frustrations. It is a time to grow the community and connect like-minded women. It means that if there are more short women buying from EcoPetites, I will be able to produce more variety, meaning more of what you want. By being involved in the launch you will be the first to know about special announcements, time-limited or exclusive discounts and access to events.

When will this be? Start now by making sure you are on my email list and invite others to join. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you are not already. Interact with me when you see a post! I’ll keep you up-to-date on what is going on.

The official EcoPetites ReLaunch! 2020 will take place online from
October 23rd through November 1st

I hope to see and hear from you!!

Warmly, Daphne (owner)