How the Fabrics Were Chosen

Fabrics-Small The fabrics were chosen for various qualities. First and foremost, the fabrics are chosen based on my commitment to sustainability. There are many factors to take into consideration right there. This can be its own topic! For my first line, Spring/Summer 2015, the fabrics have all been sourced from Pickering International, who specializes in supplying eco and sustainable fabrics. You can read more about them by clicking here. Another reason for choosing this supplier is a very practical one: I can purchase relatively small amounts of fabric at wholesale prices. As a small business just starting out, this is critical. The next attribute I looked for in the fabrics was their durability. I tested various fabrics by putting them in the wash, along with the family laundry, for 10 washes and 10 dry cycles. I looked for signs of pilling and fading. At this point I chose the fabric for its’ durability and wash-ability, and picked out the best performers. Next, I made clothes for myself with the various fabrics and started testing the styles. The woven fabrics give a structured look to the garments, which is both flattering, and wearable in various settings. The knit fabrics provide comfort, stretch and allow for a flattering fit. At this point I was testing to see how the fabrics wear, their comfort and breathability. Of course beauty also takes a role. This is where color comes in. With the restriction of starting with what eco-friendly fabrics can I buy wholesale in small-ish quantities, I was left with a lot of black, grey, white and navy. While these are all great basics to build a wardrobe on, I also wanted to include color. For color, I chose to include a gorgeous soy/organic cotton blend. This fabric has a beautiful drape, feels lovely against the skin, is breathable and is so very comfortable to wear. It also takes more washings to pill than other fabrics I tested. (Washing in cold water and hanging to dry helps a great deal in keeping the pilling at bay.) The real bonus here is that it comes in a variety of beautiful colors! To add interest, I also found lace. The lace is made from organic cotton on a recycled nylon mesh base. It is also very washable and dryable. Just don’t iron it! That will cause the nylon mesh to melt. All in all, I ended up with a lovely collection of durable, wearable eco-friendly fabrics to wear with comfort and style.