Why does organic cotton matter?

You care. You want to know that your purchases do in fact matter. So, I am letting you know, organic cotton does matter. Organic cotton conserves water, uses far less harmful chemicals and increases food security to the farmers (due to crop rotation). It also promotes biodiversity, maintains better soil health and reduces farmers’ exposure to harmful chemicals. Want to read more? I included links at the bottom of this post. ShoppingLookSmall There is a growing movement toward making mindful purchases. My path to starting this business started with a New Year’s resolution to avoid purchasing newly produced conventional cotton. One action, one focus started a new path. I also had to forgive myself for things I knew I could do better. Being more aware is a pain, and it can be overwhelming to think about all the imperfections. But ultimately, the inability to make a whole lot of changes at once is not outweighed by the changes I have made. I can’t think that way, otherwise I would never bother to change at all. I have to believe that my choices matter, even if I never personally witness the direct effect of each small action. By cooperating together, we create a better world. Those of us who own businesses can make many decisions which have a ripple effect. We get to see glimpses of that positive effect by hearing about other business owners’ decisions. All of us who are consumers can help create or increase the market for better-than products and services to make improvements in the world, and demonstrate through our actions that we care. When we strive to do better, we inspire others. This movement towards recognizing the impact of our choices and seeing ourselves as part of a larger community gives us power. It reveals the efficacy of even small choices and small changes. We can all contribute to something truly historic and be active participants in the changes we wish to see. Links to articles, as promised: Green America: The Case for Organic Cotton Organic Cotton Plus: Sustainability Learning Center Patagonia on Organic Cotton