What's happening in the new year

Here is what is to come in 2021.

This year I’ll be participating in offering January sales: something I don’t ordinarily do. But I'm taking my own spin on it, as I’m not into fast fashion. The constant push for new is what creates the need for inventory purges a couple of times a year in order to overhaul with new styles that don’t at all coordinate with what you may have purchased last year—or last week.

Here’s what I’m doing instead: throughout January, I’ll be featuring one outfit at a time and will offer a deep discount on the highlighted set. This will also make selecting and purchasing a coordinating outfit really easy: something that people often ask for help with when shopping in person. I’ll be cycling though all the sizes and taking a look at what outfits I can offer in your size. For example, over the next few days, I will be featuring outfits that are available in XXSP. It may be only available in that one size or in a range of sizes. By choosing a coordinating set by what is available in a given size, I will be assuring that you will be able to find an outfit in your size and at least a few times this month.

Check the shop page often!

What else?

New website planned for February. What I found throughout my October Re-launch and the holiday season is that my website needs an overhaul. There were plenty of changes I made to improve function and make it easier to navigate, learn and shop, but I’ve come to realize that these were band-aides. I need an overhaul. Especially in regard to speed—my website is just too slow, and the updates only made small improvements. I plan to go live with the new and improved website in the beginning of February. Watch for the announcement!

New garments for Spring/summer. I am planning on adding one new dress! It is in the works: stay tuned. There will be other new items or colors to watch for, starting in March.

In the meanwhile, I will be taking a break from paid advertising during January as I work on the above projects. So, help me get the word out! If you are not already on my email list, sign up now! You will be the first to know about new or limited-edition items, be alerted to blog posts and events. Tag a friend when you see a social media post or forward your email to someone who might be interested. More customers ultimately mean more variety for you to choose from

Cheers, and here’s to a brand-new year, full of new hopes and possibilities!

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