Still need ideas for Holiday Shopping?

The challenging gift for my household is always what to get for my parents. They have everything they need, and if they want something they just buy it. They are resourceful and are world travelers. What do they ever need from me? One year, a catalog arrived that helped with that answer. In reality, they don’t need anything. But other people in the world do. The catalog was Heifer International. Their mission is “to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.” (quoted from their website. What they do is donate animals and training for people in communities with long-standing poverty, so that not only do they have a meal for right now, but resources into the future. For more information, visit their web site. I bought a goat in honor of my parents for a family in the Dominican Republic. This has special meaning for my family, as my mother was born and raised there. Heifer International is all set up for this type of gift, in which you receive a card to give to the person in whose honor you made the donation. Now they have six options for how to send that card. For a gift that makes a real impact somewhere in the world, this is an excellent way to go.