New spring products, arrived and ready for photos

The new dresses are done!!

I got to pick them up on Friday from the contract sewing studio, Aletheia Design and Sewing. They do such a great job! The receiving dock is this cool door that is the size of a window for passing through.

Receiving Dock, Aletheia Design Studio

Here is a glimpse of the bins of dresses, the owner Abby Hansen and the leftover fabric.


Pass-through delivery of new dress

Left-over fabric from production

You can also see that I had the scraps reserved for donation so nothing is going into the landfill. No extra plastics were used: all the wrappings were reused from shipping, no poly bags and the containers are reuse-able.

Scrap fabrics saved for upcycling

Now my next step is to get these photographed, entered into inventory and added to the website- so you can help each dress find a home!