Is Eco-Friendly Your Tune?

Written by Anyse Mellott

We are just heading into August and this marks the last few moments of summer before back-to-school action. That means everyone is hopping on the last minute train of planning before the next couple of weeks ring the bells. With outdoor festivals winding down for the season, this brings about quite a few questions. Is there a way to manage the waste that accrues after the more extravagant events? The answer is a simple yes. Most people who attend music festivals like Lollapalooza have the hippie vibe down, which means there’s a care for the world. Especially if it racks up that much fun.

So, while we’re all kicking our feet back and grabbing a tan before the school season, here’s a list of how to prepare for events like these and stay eco-friendly. First of all, pack food up before carpooling to the shows. This reduces waste with reusable containers and saves up on the impulse buys that lie in wait at the gas station. The next step is to share the tents, chairs, and other items necessary for the giant celebration with friends or family. Following that advice, turn down any free items you get throughout that you’ll never really use again. If it isn’t popular, people won’t keep making it and it will stop being an eco-issue.

The last and biggest key point is to rethink the fast fashion options available. While it may be quick and cheap, the longevity of the item is poor and most retailers don’t pay fair wages to the workers. EcoPetites gives conscious care to their production to bring quality and comfort to their consumers. That means you get more for your money and you’re investing into a cleaner future. So jam out this year with an eco-friendly mindset and an environmental style that matches the event perfectly!