Inclusivi-Tee Podcast Interview

Lori Myren-Manbeck, owner and founder of Inclusivi-Tee interviewed me for her podcast, Inclusitivi-Talks. She is also the author of You Can Change the World, In Fact You Are the Only One Who Can.

Lori is passionate about kindness, equity, and sustainability. I met her after seeing an article about her work. I saw that she founded a sustainable brand, exudes positivity, lives and works in the area and is a fellow alum of Grinnell College. I had to meet her! I reached out to her, very enthusiastically, and she very kindly responded with a phone call. As you can imagine, we hit it off!

Here she asks me about why I started EcoPetites, what drives me, the connection with my past career as a medical illustrator, the role of empathy in reading, and lastly a story about me that I own as mine. That story is about a big lie I told my parents when I was about twelve.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify, or use the link here to listen elsewhere or follow her podcast with your preferred app. She interviews a wide variety of creative people, infusing sustainability in every episode.

Check out her website at where you can purchase T-shirts, totes and jackets with artwork expressing equity and kindness printed on sustainably sourced fabrics. You can also order her book there as well.