Go Green Online

Written by Anyse Mellott

Is it worth it to spend all that time driving to the mall? Depending on the location, people can spend hours prepping for and being at the mall. The alternative is to shop online, which has gradually increased as businesses takeover online media. It’s easier to shop online and less time-consuming. People can skip peak hours, long lines, and bad traffic by staying home and shopping, which you can even do in your pjs. Bad habits also die, as people aren’t tempted by every display (glitzy mannequins decked out from head to toe) in the store. I know I get distracted at the end of my shopping spree because of all the decorative cases filled with candy, makeup, and other doodads at the checkout. What a brilliantly evil plan to add on extra features that tempt me.

So the next question, is it truly helping the environment to shop online? The answer overall is yes. It takes less energy and space to run an online store. You don’t have to drive and park, as you would if you go to the mall. At EcoPetites, the manufacturing is completed within 25 miles from where the inventory is stored, awaiting purchase. You can shop while the lights are turned off at EcoPetites. The biggest negative is the packaging used to mail goods. Here at EcoPetites, we strive to use less packaging overall and use the most eco-friendly options we can find. You’re helping the environment by shopping online, especially if it is an eco-conscious brand!

All in all, either choice can help the environment when done in a thoughtful way. You can choose to carpool or take public transportation. You could shop in bundles. Also, go for local shopping. Remember every small effort to live green makes a difference!