Calling all Petite Eco-Warriors! Are you competitive? Here’s a contest for you

Hello, fashion-forward eco-warriors! At EcoPetites, we're on a mission to ignite a revolution in sustainable living, and we want YOU to be at the forefront of it. Our EcoPetites Eco Fashion-and-Life Tips Contest is in full swing, and it's not just about style; it's a movement, a journey towards a greener, more ethical future.

Why Should You Join the Petite Eco-Chic Revolution?

Here are a few compelling reasons:

For Petite Women, By Petite Women: Let's face it – ethical fashion often caters to the so-called "straight sizes," meaning average to tall, and thinner-people sizes, leaving out many women – including us shorties! But in this contest, we're putting petite problems at the forefront. Share tips and ideas that address the unique challenges and opportunities of being a petite woman in the world of sustainable style. This is YOUR space to shine!

Win yourself a Prize: The Grand Prize is nothing short of spectacular (pun intended). All of your innovative ideas will contribute to the creation of the prize! Watch for the prize reveal on November 2, 2023.

Inspire and Be Inspired: It's not just about winning; it's about inspiring change. Your ideas have the power to motivate others to embrace sustainability in their petite styling journey. Plus, you'll get to see what fellow eco-chic petites are up to – a treasure trove of inspiration!

Preparing for the Holidays: The holiday season is fast approaching, and that often means a surge in consumption and waste. Participating in this contest is a fantastic way to start thinking about ethical and sustainable practices before we dive into the festivities. Let's make the end of the year less wasteful and more ethical!

Have Fun and Learn: Sustainability can be fun! It's a chance to experiment, learn, and discover new ways to reduce your fashion footprint. The contest is an exciting way to enjoy the process, see what others are doing, and gain insights into sustainable living.

Prompts to Kickstart Your Imagination

To help you get started, here are some prompts tailored to petite women's unique fashion challenges:

  1. Petite Closet Hacks: Share tips on how to maximize your wardrobe space and make the most of your petite clothing. Think about clever storage solutions, mix-and-match ideas, and outfit layering. Would it hurt if you can reach it all, too?
  2. Sustainable Petite Shopping: Find eco-friendly sustainable petite fashion options. It's not just about buying; it's about supporting ethical brands that cater to petite sizes or work for short gals. And I’d love to see how you include EcoPetites items!
  3. Accessories: Explore sustainable accessories that work wonders for petite women. How can you accessorize sustainably when you're on the shorter side? Do you have sustainable make-up tips? Share your favorite eco-chic petite accessories!
  4. From your Cultural Heritage: Think about why you are short. I’m half Dominican, half Italian– but it's that Italian side that is really short. Think about what’s on the menu, or wearable cultural traditions. My Italian grandma taught me how to crochet when I was 7-yrs old. Apparently, that’s a very Italian thing. Can you relate?
  5. Holiday Petite Chic: As the holiday season approaches, think about eco-friendly petite party outfits or DIY ideas for festive celebrations. Starting with Halloween. Let's make the holidays stylish AND ethical!

This is just a few of angles you can take on this! All ideas are welcome.

Spread the Petite Revolution

But here's the real magic: invite your fellow petite friends and family to join the fun. Encourage them to participate, share their tips, and be part of this groundbreaking movement. Let's ensure that the petite voice is heard loud and clear in the world of sustainable fashion.

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How and when do you participate?

Here is the link to the Events page for the up-to-date info.

Join the contest today and be part of the petite eco-chic revolution. Let's redefine fashion, sustainability, and the future, one tip at a time.

I can’t wait to see all of your ideas!