Beauty Ecology; musings with the owner, Kassandra Kuehl

Kassie always knew she wanted to do hair. That has always been her primary passion, even while simultaneously adventuring down other paths: Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and student of Funtional medicine. But she reached a turning point in which she had to make a decision. The exposure to the types of chemicals involved in coloring hair was affecting her health. It was either stop doing what she loves, or make a break from the mainstream methods and formulate a healthier solution that would allow her to keep doing what she loves. And to the benefit of her own self and all of us who are her clients, she took the leap of faith and decided to make it all work!
A line of Natural and Organic Products, developed by Kassie A line of Natural and Organic Products, developed by Kassie
We mused over her story, where it lead, some of the bumps and hurtles and the excitement of moving into a new location all while she was in her element, energetically cutting my hair. In this rather enjoyable setting, three things really struck me about our conversation. First, I want to mention her self-assuredness, air of confidence and inner power. She is, no doubt, creating a positive change in the world. Her desire to empower other women is a clear directive in her passion, how she runs the business and how she relates to the woman sitting in her chair on any given day. Second, I was struck by this: most people working in her field only last 7-8 years because the exposure to toxins in their work environment (the mainstream salon) catches up to them and starts affecting their health. I had no idea the health risks were that detrimental. That is her own story, and her motivation to create an alternative. Now, we all can benefit, especially those of us who want to dye our hair! And last, but not at all least, is her commitment to keeping the conversation positive. She took on being part of the change, and she also gets it that we all need to be gentle with ourselves and others. She understands that women don’t need any more shame in our lives. It is all about empowering women, not guilting anyone into changing or adding to the cacophony of you-shoulds. We each make choices and changes at our own pace, choosing our own priorities. That goes for individuals and businesses. The goal is mutual support. By using the power of positive language, we can keep the conversation going. Follow the conversation and visit her new location in Minnetonka at Beauty Ecology.