A behind the scenes look at getting ready to launch!

June is just around and corner. School is almost done. And, upon many requests, you will soon be able to shop directly at www.ecopetites.com! What has this been like getting ready? A new photo-shoot for one, to make sure I have pictures of each style and color. Talented photographer Crystal Liepa, scrambled on short notice to find a location and did a fantastic job discovering a bright and lovely space in NE Minneapolis. She added to the set of fantastic photos I had from the previous photo-shoot by Stephanie Dunn (who very sadly has moved and will be missed). The two models you see on the website, Makenzie Kramer and Kham Keomysy are both petite, measuring at 5’2” and 5’1” respectively, so you can really get an idea of how the clothing fits. Both are lovely, professional and fun to work with. Makenzie works at two radio stations KDWB and Hot 96.7, as well as being a TV news reporter for KEYC. Kham works as a payroll administrator for Mortenson Construction, is a mother of three handsome boys, and enjoys spending time with family and friends and working out. During this last photo-shoot it came out that she is almost as old as I am. I can’t believe it! She must drink from the fountain of youth.
Makenzie Kramer, 5'2 Makenzie Kramer, 5'2"
Kham Keomysy, 5'1 Kham Keomysy, 5'1"
At this second photo-shoot, I also had assistance from my hard-working intern, Kyeela Swan. Her help was critical! Photo-shoots are way busier than I imagined, with getting the clothing ready, assisting with the next outfit, changing the mannequin, and keeping it all moving to get through a long list of necessary photos. The first time, I was so busy that I barely got to be involved with the actual photography until the very end, and this time, though still busy, was much more able to start learning and taking on the task of art-directing. Kyeela steamed clothes and kept it all in order, handled getting the right outfits ready to model, helped set up shots and organize the hectic cleanup.
Kyeela Swan, intern Kyeela Swan, intern
Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the website was being reconstructed by Angela Hughes of Angies Creative. I wrote copy while she rebuilt the web-site finally giving EcoPetites a professional look, and adding features to make the experience pleasant and easy for you!
Angela Hughes of Angies Creative Angela Hughes of Angies Creative
As with each step I have encountered so far, getting this new web-site and online shop ready to launch, and having styles ready for purchase, is a lot more work than I thought it would be! It is hard to image all the parts and all the work it takes until I am immersed in the task at hand. I’m meeting great people, renewing my passion every day, and learning enough to make my head spin. It takes team work and input from a creative crew to bring this to you. We are still diligently working on it by editing photos, organizing product information, putting in on the web-site and making all ready for you to experience. I can’t wait for you all to see it all finished!