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Can you compost old clothes?

For those of you who are already composting food and yard waste, have you ever considered composting old clothing or other fabric items? Maybe you have, but didn’t know if you could or how. We all end up with some worn out clothes. You know, the ones that are just too worn for donating. My pajama tops are usually my oldest most favorite t-shirt that has become too worn to wear in public. Think Swiss cheese, but in fabric. Picture sleeves hanging on for dear life. Imagine ultimate softness. My family gets a kick out of my well-loved old shirt pajamas. Sadly, I always know, once a shirt becomes a pj top for me, the process of wearing out is...

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How can I measure progress?

Then and now: how green I am. As a sustainable-modeled business, you know I value that which is green, in the eco-friendly sense, but that is not what I mean here. This is a major career change for me, coming from a background as a medical illustrator and moving into fashion. And I started out green, and I mean green behind the ears, not knowing what I was getting myself into kind of green! Now, don't get me wrong: there are some things I know that do apply: sewing and designing my own clothes for 20+ years, knowledge of human anatomy, experience in running a solo business and a passion for sustainability. But when it came to how to start...

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