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Creativity, Art and NEMMA's Art-aWhirl®

Starting this Friday evening at 5 pm Central, you can virtually visit Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association’s Art-a-Whirl® online. I am gearing up for it by adding items to my online shop that have previously only been for sale at events, and diligently working on developing a new hemp blouse for pre-order. And because I won’t be tied to my own booth, I might even be able to do some of my own virtual exploration. But I wanted to spend some time acknowledging what we are all experiencing during this pandemic as well as the role of creativity and the arts. In my own circles I have been noticing that many people are hitting a slump of some kind: this feels...

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Goals for 2018, and the Silliest Offer Ever

It’s not too late to talk about goals and resolutions for 2018, no? Actually, I feel that writing this towards the end of January has given me the chance to tweak my goals a bit and see what I really want to reach for. I landed on three serious goals and one goofy one. This year is starting out with a different feeling for me. One of renewal, growth, emergence and new vigor. My goals are reflecting that this year. Some years I make no resolutions at all, but every few years, I hit a big one. This is one of those years! One goal is to be more socially connected. I’ve cocooned this fall, and now it is time...

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Made in USA apparel

There has been a growing interest in clothing that is made in the USA, and for good reason. Many smaller businesses and independent designers are opting to manufacture domestically, creating more jobs here at home. Manufacturing is the 4th largest employer in the U.S. The standards for wages and working conditions are relatively high compared to the standards in other countries offering cheaper alternatives. By choosing to keep production close to home, I can personally visit and attest to the conditions. In addition to the labor issues, there is also the sustainability to consider. Sustainable in multiple ways. If the winds of worldwide politics change, manufacturing domestically is still an option. In terms of protecting the environment, it reduces the...

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A behind the scenes look at getting ready to launch!

June is just around and corner. School is almost done. And, upon many requests, you will soon be able to shop directly at! What has this been like getting ready? A new photo-shoot for one, to make sure I have pictures of each style and color. Talented photographer Crystal Liepa, scrambled on short notice to find a location and did a fantastic job discovering a bright and lovely space in NE Minneapolis. She added to the set of fantastic photos I had from the previous photo-shoot by Stephanie Dunn (who very sadly has moved and will be missed). The two models you see on the website, Makenzie Kramer and Kham Keomysy are both petite, measuring at 5’2” and 5’1”...

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