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Behind the Scenes: Relaunch!

I am super excited to share with you my plans for the remainder of 2020. I am planning on a relaunch of EcoPetites! Read to the end to find out how you can get involved. I have been trying for the last couple of years to work on my career path, assuming that EcoPetites would be relegated to a side-gig. I was doing too much and unwilling to let go of any one path out of fear. But I finally decided to shut other doors and go full swing into this business. I made another change as well: a dedication to working 40 hours a week. This is something I have not done since the arrival of my first child...

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Creativity, Art and NEMMA's Art-aWhirl®

Starting this Friday evening at 5 pm Central, you can virtually visit Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association’s Art-a-Whirl® online. I am gearing up for it by adding items to my online shop that have previously only been for sale at events, and diligently working on developing a new hemp blouse for pre-order. And because I won’t be tied to my own booth, I might even be able to do some of my own virtual exploration. But I wanted to spend some time acknowledging what we are all experiencing during this pandemic as well as the role of creativity and the arts. In my own circles I have been noticing that many people are hitting a slump of some kind: this feels...

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Goals for 2018, and the Silliest Offer Ever

It’s not too late to talk about goals and resolutions for 2018, no? Actually, I feel that writing this towards the end of January has given me the chance to tweak my goals a bit and see what I really want to reach for. I landed on three serious goals and one goofy one. This year is starting out with a different feeling for me. One of renewal, growth, emergence and new vigor. My goals are reflecting that this year. Some years I make no resolutions at all, but every few years, I hit a big one. This is one of those years! One goal is to be more socially connected. I’ve cocooned this fall, and now it is time...

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