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What do we call Back to School this year?

Back to double-the-work? Back to juggling our own changing work environments while teaching our kids or being their project managers? Back to feeling lucky if you get 5 minutes to yourself in the whole day, probably in the shower? A lot of moms are stressing out about the beginning of school, perhaps more than their kids are. We are all remembering what it was like last spring, with our kids suddenly being home full time and everyone making quick pivots regarding school responsibilities while having to manage our own changes. There was no such thing as an “easy” kid during this. Younger ones required that we became their teachers and older ones struggled with social isolation or independent time management....

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A New World; embracing new ways to bounce back

Something you may not know about me is that I have had opportunities to present a workshop on resilience that I have developed. It is something I have researched, practiced and been told by others that I possess. But I am not special in this regard: it is not an inborn talent. The ability to practice and develop resilience is something we all have access to, both for ourselves as people and to apply to businesses we run (and probably lots more places!). We tend to not think about it until life brings us hardships that require us to figure out how to bounce back. One of the things I always say in this workshop is that sooner or later,...

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Shattered Illusions

In preparation for motherhood, I thought I could protect my children, and that it was in fact my most important job. When my children’s dad and I were deciding where to adopt from, I thought I was a good candidate for mothering a child from Latin America, as a half-Dominican. He loved the idea of adopting from South Korea, where his sister was adopted from. I thought I would be able to relate to the feeling of being from two places, or as my dad would say, neither fish nor fowl, that many people who were raised by parents of another race, culture or country feel, being as I am of mixed ethnicities. I thought my work on myself regarding...

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Stay at Home Comfy Style

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who connected with me during Art-a-Whirl® this year. I admit that I was a little sad about not seeing you in person. But a funny thing happened. I did a test run of my Facebook live post by doing a silly version on my personal page, thinking no one would watch an unadvertised silly thing like that. But as soon as it started, friends were watching! And it prompted two sets of friends, from different parts of my life, to reach out to me to catch up. Sometimes I’m not a fan of social media, but that was a reminder of how it does help us stay connected. As...

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